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July 16, 2018 by
Did EOS attack Ethereum blockchain? Dan Larimer responds

Ethereum developer Justo Shared accused popular decentralization-oriented blockchain, EOS of purposely attacking Ethereum network.

The dapp designer that belongs of group which released two gambling dapps called PoWH3D and Fomo3D claimed that he came to conclusion after some major research study. Justo charged that congesting the network is because of EOS, in a meeting covered by TrustNodes. The concepts were later shared by Justo on a Reddit PostHis group apparently noticed that EOS lagged a collection of Airdrops of symbols which were evidently not backed by any type of job.

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” On a daily basis up until the launch of the EOS system, which was June Sixth, gas rates raised as a result of “Airdrop” tokens. Hundreds of random symbols, without any site, or bootstrapped template sites made in hrs. Wasting thousands of ethereum daily, hundreds of thousands of bucks to drop tokens. This happened up till the launch of EOS, on the 6th, after that instantly stopped. In someday, gas prices hung back to typical,” claimed Justo.

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Justo additionally added that EOS has been striking Ethereum network on and off. It happens “… each time something they do does not run correctly,” He added: “If you do not believe EOS is doing it, after that who has 2 million bucks a day to attack ethereum as well as owns eos tokens?”

Dan Larimer’s response to the accusations

Dan Larimer shot down all the claims and stated, “I could guarantee you block one wouldn’t be so stupid to invest our sources attacking eth when all it takes is crypto felines. There are far smarter and much more cost-effective methods at bringing eth down if that were the objective.” The statement was shared on Reddit. It is to be noted that EOS shut the week on a high and the rates rose by nearly 5 percent in the last 24-HOUR.

[We couldn’t validate the authenticity of the source of the Dan Larimer’s declaration.]

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